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A Stunning Fusion of Sustainable Design and Origami-Inspired Pendant Light | Sora

FDT Bureau

Fung + Bedford, a design duo based in the UK, found inspiration in the Japanese art of origami for their striking light fixture created for Danish brand Frandsen. Named Sora, this pendant light features a horizontal form suspended from two cords, accentuated by wing-like protrusions that give it the illusion of hovering in mid-air. Know more about it on FURNITURE DESIGN AND TECHNOLOGY (FDT).

Crafted from pleated and folded tyvek, a synthetic paper-like material known for its durability and recyclability, Sora houses an embedded LED strip light at its base. This LED strip emits a soft, warm glow, illuminating the lamp’s structure and creating a serene ambiance. The choice of tyvek as the primary material is deliberate, as it offers waterproof and tear-proof properties while remaining fully recyclable, aligning with the designers’ commitment to sustainability.

Described by Frandsen as a sculptural statement piece, Sora transcends traditional lighting design with its ethereal presence and radiant aura. The light fixture, measuring 740mm X 1240mm X 246mm, also incorporates solid brass elements, further enhancing its aesthetic appeal and durability.

Image credit: Fung + Bedford and Frandsen




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