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Silk - Trending Upholstery Fabric in Luxury Furniture Market

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Silk - Trending Upholstery Fabric in Luxury Furniture Market
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Silk is the most adored upholstery fabric used to give furniture a luxurious, natural and classy look. The high-end silk shows an understated shimmer and smooth hand unlike the garish sheen and slippery nature found on some synthetics. Its high-tensile strength, resilience and lightweight insulation make it a perfect choice for creating luxe furniture.

“Fabrics in the luxury furniture segment can be of two types-one could be the bold colours, which personally, have an Indianism to them. For example, the colours in a peacock, like fuschia, magenta, etc. Another option could be more like silk, with a silken feel to it. If it’s a combination of a silken fabric,(which again is very Indian in nature, like the Tussar silk) and it exhibits the Indian colours, then it’s a good choice for the Luxury Market, in the Indian context.” shares Rahul Bansal.

Openingup on the fabrics that are trending in 2022-23, Aashita Chadha, Co-Founder & CFO of the KariGhars delineates “Fabrics with exotic flower prints, geometrical patterns, and vintage motifs have been favoured this year. While velvet is one of the most popular materials on the list of upholstery trends for 2022, it has endured the test of time as a symbol of luxury and glamour. For those who lack the time or resources to maintain fabrics like velvet or leather, high-performance fabrics like nylon, polyester, olefin, and acrylic are excellent alternatives. Textiles like viscose and acetate have also been viewed as effective, affordable alternatives to silk since they share the same opulent sheen and featherlike weight as silk. Throughout the year, a choice of highlighting the bold in terms of print style and colour also exists. The design language for this year has been more flamboyant, bold, and regal. However, it appears that the industry is currently shifting its outlook to promote more sustainable living in the coming year.”

The gist of all conversations was that sustainability is a new luxury and the future of furniture design. Natural and organic materials will see more traction in the coming year. It’s no wonder that their aesthetics are becoming even more refined and covetable. Also, it is self-explicable that the hottest materials for luxury furniture do not consist of entirely new materials per se but are enhanced versions of the existing materials, slightly modernizing them in innovative ways.



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