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A thought on 'why' and 'how' we wish to contribute

In this era of e-commerce and emergence of big retail brands, popular furniture makers often express their desire and need of 'fast selling' furniture items. 'Exclusively designed, well produced in India' is in the wish list and dream of many Indian brands.

As demand is growing and people are adopting & accepting modular furniture, the question is, "Are we equipped and ready enough to manufacture in volume? During our survey while talking about the current capabilities, many conveyed sadly that this seems to be a distant dream. As of now, India is mostly importing, outsourcing or fabricating the available designs in the name of inspiration.

Customer feedback is such that Indian middle class consumers who are so called the growth/demand drivers of today are not happy with the options available in the retail market in general. 'Attractive, Convertible with a justified price' is how they defined their requirement. "We need appropriate sizes and the online sellers are trying to provide solutions as per Indian needs," someone commented and yet added, "But we cannot very much rely on their quality!"

Showroom owners feel that there are all types of customer with various needs. Generally most of them responded positively about the consumers getting more aware day by day. Commenting on the way, people are buying from online sellers mostly based on visual appeal, a gentleman expressed, "It is not at all wise to choose furniture based only on visual appeal, rather it should be functionality first, fitment next and visual is third, but certainly not the last."

Furniture Design & Technology (FDT) magazine is excited to share the answers and findings of our survey with more than 1120 respondents through out a period of eight months across the country (respondents segregated according to different segment and demography). We need to tell you that FDT is started as a monthly magazine with alternate issues dedicated to Technology and Design respectively. In the design segment, you can expect FDT to present trends (as we see), designers perspective, furniture design from around the world, hot selling items from across the globe, and interesting topics with a research driven approach.

Certain topics that we are ready with are as follows and we are still open to getting your opinion, since these are continuous processes.

about us
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