Furniture Design & Technology JanuaryFebruary2024

Glad to share the latest Edition of Furniture Design & Technology Magazine.

In this edition we explore the potential of India to emerge as a global hub for readymade furniture manufacturing.

The popularity of multifunctional furniture is driven by the need for space-saving solutions. However, as larger homes make a comeback, what is the future trajectory of multifunctional furniture design, we ask the experts.

Star(c)k Realities : A look at the illustrious career of French designer Philippe Starck.

Handmade vs Machinmade: How intricate is the process of achieving personalization in luxury bespoke furniture through a seamless integration of handmade techniques and cutting-edge technology.

In celebration of Women’s Day, we engage with female architects and designers, delving into their recent projects and discovering their preferred furniture selections.

Shifting the spotlight onto the often overlooked heroes of home design, hardware elements, we delve into the forefront of innovation, uncovering the latest trends in kitchen, wardrobe, and furniture hardware design and more…

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