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6 Woodworking Machinery Brands You Should Know About

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6 Woodworking Machinery Brands You Should Know About

There are many brands that specialize in woodworking machinery, each with their own innovations and unique features. Here are a few examples:


1. Felder Group:

The Felder Group is known for its high-quality woodworking machinery, which includes a wide range of machines for tasks such as sawing, planing, and routing. One of their innovations is the "Format-4" technology, a computerized control system that allows for precise adjustments and easy operation of their machines.


2. SCM Group:

SCM Group is a leading manufacturer of woodworking machinery, with a wide range of products that include everything from edgebanders to CNC routers. One of their innovations is the "SCM Tech 2" technology, which allows for precise and efficient processing of wood, plastic, and other materials.


3. Biesse:

Biesse is a leader in the field of CNC machinery for woodworking and furniture manufacturing. They offer a wide range of machines including CNC routers, drilling machines, edgebanders, and more. One of their innovations is their "Biesse Works" software, which allows for easy programming and operation of their machines.


4. Holz-Her:

Holz-Her is a manufacturer of edgebanders, panel saws, and other woodworking machinery. They have introduced "Superceil" technology which allows for the high-speed processing of edge banding material with minimal setup time.


5. Weinig:

Weinig is a leading manufacturer of woodworking machinery for the solid wood and panel processing industry. They have introduced "Powermat 500" series of machines, which are high-performance, efficient, and easy to operate.


6. Stiles Machinery:

Stiles Machinery is a supplier of advanced woodworking machinery and software. They have introduced software solution like "Profit Optimizer" which helps to optimize production and improves the bottom line.

These are just a few examples of the many brands and innovations in the woodworking machinery industry. Each brand offers its own unique features and technologies, and it is important for woodworkers and furniture manufacturers to research and choose the right machinery for their specific needs.



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