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Felder Machines: FORMAT-4 Tempora glueBox & FOR MAT-4 Tempora EdgeControl

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Elementary classroom tables | Felder Machines: FORMAT-4 Tempora glueBox & FOR MAT-4 Tempora EdgeControl

The revolutionary glueBox for the Format-4 tempora F600 60.06 edgebander makes the processing of PUR glue easier and more effortless than ever before. Heat and water resistance, very small glue joint as well as reduced glue consumption - all advantages of the PUR-glue can be used uncompromisingly with the glueBox. The PUR drawbacks such as complicated processing, dirty and hardened glue pots, annoying cleaning as well as the complex storage are a thing of the past with glue Boxes. The mechanism is that the blue box attaches a thin PUR tape between the edge and the workpiece and fuses the two components together almost invisibly. Through heat activation of the glue perfect adhesion is achieved. In an actual user comparison, the glueBox reaches cost savings of almost 70% compared to conventional granulate (assuming a consumption of 50 linear metres per day on 20 days in a year). Both adhesive and cleaning costs were taken into account. The adhesive rolls are also available in different running metre lengths and can be changed flexibly at any time.

Important features:

Availability: Ready to use in just 90 seconds

Efficiency: With 3 available coil lengths always suitable and perfectly plannable

Flexibility: Free choice - rolls with 25, 75, or 100 linear metres for 16, 19, or 40 mm workpiece height

Comfort: Tool-free glue strip replacement

Resource efficiency: No additional compressed air supply required

Dynamics: Alternating operation with a glue pot at any time possible

Time saving: No manual cleaning is necessary


Forma t-4 edgeControl

Format-4 edgeControl makes operation and adjustment of the tempora edgebanders even easier and more precise. The values for edge and workpiece thickness that are recorded to the hundredth of a millimetre with the wireless measuring unit are transferred to the machine’s smartouch operating unit via Bluetooth. The controller recognises the measured values and sorts them automatically according to workpiece or edge thickness. The operator then selects the desired setting values from the measurement data log that contains the five last measured values. Smartouch automatically calibrates all required units to the exact dimensions. With edgeControl, production losses due to typing or measuring errors as well as tolerance deviations of the edge dimensions are eliminated.

Important features:

  • Edge thickness to a hundredth of a millimetre and workpiece height measurement with the wireless edgeControl measuring unit
  • Automatic Bluetooth transmission to the smartouch machine control
  • Automatic assignment to edge or workpiece thickness of the measured values
  • Easy selection of setting values from the last five measured values
  • No more losses in production due to typing or measurement errors
  • Suitable for tempora F600/F800 edgebander with e-motion control or x-motion plus (edge measurement only)



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