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Andra Formen Crafts Quirky Furniture out of Discarded Electric Scooters

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Andra Formen Crafts Quirky Furniture out of Discarded Electric Scooters | E-metabolism
Image credits: Andra Forme

The demand for electric vehicles is on the rise, courtesy of people opting for a more sustainable lifestyle. However, the breaking of these vehicles leads to waste which gets piled into heaps. The broken parts of electric scooters cannot be repaired but can only be replaced. To curb this wastage, Andra Formen has come up with a distinct solution of utilizing the broken parts of electric scooters by transforming them into functional furniture. Know more about the project on Furniture Design and Technology (FDT).

Headed by four designers Christian Svensson, Jinbei Zheng, Peder Nilsson and Oskar Olsson, Andra Formen’s E-metabolism design initiative is a collaboration with divers to highlight the possibilities of the electric scooter after they have stopped whizzing on the streets of Malmo. To build the E-metabolism collection, the designers collected waste from the bottom of Malmo canals to products of Southern Sweden Design Days alongside Leva Livet.

Comprising a collection of lamps, chairs and vases, E-metabolism is crafted out of electric scooter parts that are mainly collected out of the canals of Malmo, Sweden. To draw attention to the waste generated by electric scooters, the designers launched the collection at the Southern Sweden Design Days. With E-metabolism, the designers want to challenge their contemporaries to understand the environmental degradation and how the present waste can be used as a resourceful material.

As many as 13 scooters get fished out of the canal on an everyday basis. The designers then source parts they need from the scooter from different companies such as Voi and Bolt. Upon sourcing different forms from different parts of the scooters, the designers get a rough idea as to what they can create out of it. The studio then fits the pieces together. At times, they opt for 3D printing as well to connect its parts. According to the designers, some of the parts are simply hard to remodel which is when they 3D scan them to reproduce them.

Andra Formen has so far recreated desk lights, a small barbecue grill, vases and a chair out of the waste generated from these scooters.




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