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Vintage Lamp Bases Meet Natural Wax Shades in a Tribute to Renewability

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Daydreaming Objects, a design duo based in Copenhagen, recently introduced the Soft Solids collection, a series of lights that blend reclaimed vintage lamp bases with shades made from natural wax, emphasizing its renewable and transformative qualities. Lighting designer Ruta Palionyte and architect Ieva Baranauskaite created this collection to complement salvaged luminaires primarily from the 1960s and 70s, opting for a blend of soy wax and stearin as a sustainable alternative to paraffin. Know more about it on FURNITURE DESIGN AND TECHNOLOGY (FDT).

This combination ensures the shades possess the necessary durability, strength and light diffusion properties. Inspired by wax’s organic nature, the Soft Solids collection showcases biomorphic shapes that symbolize growth and regeneration, enhanced by soft hues evoking natural landscapes. Using computer software and 3D-printing technology, the designers developed prototypes and silicone negatives for casting the molten wax, allowing for accurate reproduction of the intricate forms.

Notably, the Stem pendant light stands out as a dramatic piece, featuring tapered modules connected into a totem-like form, emitting a chain of light adaptable to various spaces. LED light sources with low heat emission were chosen to preserve the integrity of the wax, while voids around the bulbs ensure adequate airflow and ventilation.

Image credit: Norbert Tukaj




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