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Terrazzo-like Pattern Showcases the Beauty of Recycled Materials through this Stool

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Derlot, an Australian design brand known for its innovative approach to sustainability, recently unveiled a captivating new iteration of its popular Stump stool. The Stump Recycled stool retains the iconic subtly tapered circular form of its predecessor but introduces a striking structure with its vibrant terrazzo-like surface, achieved through the innovative use of recycled plastic material. Know more about it on FURNITURE DESIGN AND TECHNOLOGY (FDT).

Crafted from 80 per cent post-industrial plastic, the Stump Recycled stool represents the brand’s unwavering commitment to environmentally conscious design practices. The stool serves not only as a functional piece of furniture but also as a symbol of a greener future and an ongoing dedication to sustainable objectives. Thus, the Stump Recycled stool goes beyond mere functionality, and embodies the brand’s vision for a more sustainable world. Its unique terrazzo-like pattern offers a fresh perspective on recycled materials, celebrating their origins while transforming them into a visually stunning design statement.

Available in a diverse array of standard flecked colour combinations, the Stump Recycled stool provides a kaleidoscope of options to suit various aesthetic preferences. Additionally, the design brand also offers the flexibility for custom combinations upon request, allowing individuals to tailor the stool to their specific design needs and preferences.

Image credit: Derlot




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