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The Ever-Evolving Indian Kitchen and Wardrobe Market

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The Ever-Evolving Indian Kitchen and Wardrobe Market

In the bustling landscape of the Indian furniture industry, the discussion frequently circles back to one of the most sought-after products in the country – kitchen and wardrobe solutions. The panel further delved into the heart of this subject, pondering the reasons behind the persistent dominance of carpentry-made kitchens and wardrobes despite the evolution of modular designs. “The kitchen and wardrobe are paramount in our country, especially the former. The journey of the Indian kitchen commenced around two decades ago with the introduction of modular designs.

Over time, we’ve witnessed an influx of players in this segment. ‘However, as far as my data reveals, carpentry-made kitchens still hold a substantial 80 per cent share in this market,’ confirmed Mr. Pragat Dvivedi. Mr. Thomas Markose shed light on this paradox as he unraveled the intricacies of the Indian kitchen and wardrobe market, highlighting the presence of a unique void that continues to be filled by traditional carpentry. ‘In a city like Bengaluru, for instance, you’d be astounded to know that nearly 300 kitchens are sold every month. Yet, when you look at the leading brands like Nolte or Wurfel, their combined numbers don’t even approach 50 kitchens a month. This begs the question – who caters to the demand beyond these prominent players? The answer is not straightforward. Hence, the carpentry-driven market persists, with customers piecing together their kitchens and wardrobes. Designers source components from various suppliers to curate customized solutions.”

As for Ar Bobby Mukherjee, “In cities like Bombay, where even modest apartments start at INR 4 or 5 crores and extend to INR 20 crores, people in this segment are willing to invest INR 10-20 lakhs in a kitchen without hesitation. However, the real potential lies in the rest of the country, where flat buyers have budgets ranging from INR 40 lakhs to less than a crore. We need to enhance our quality to match the global leaders in this segment.”

Nevertheless, Mr. Thomas Markose painted a vivid picture of the Indian kitchen and wardrobe industry, characterized by a duality of traditional carpentry practices and the burgeoning world of modular solutions. He asserted, “The Indian kitchen and wardrobe market is steadily evolving, and we are poised to witness a transformative shift in the coming years.”




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