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Why Italy, Why China? A discussion on the India Moment and the High Opportunity Space

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Why Italy, Why China? A discussion on the India Moment and the High Opportunity Space
L-R: Ar. Chandrika Sahay, Director & Principal Architect, Meraki Dezine, Gurugram; Mr. Bharat Kawedia, MD, Modulinea Modular Systems, Mumbai; Mr. Gopi T, MD, Woodtech Consultants, Bengaluru; Ar Santha Gour, Principal Architect, Infinitti Design Studio, Mumbai; Ms. Nisha Manghnani, Founder and CEO, SCASA, Hyderabad and Interior Designer Ameet Mirpuri, Visakhapatnam.

The session aimed to delve into the prevalent inclination of customers and designers toward furniture labeled Made in Italy or China rather than products from Indian manufacturers. The panel, consisting of Mr Bharat Kawedia, Managing Director, Modulinea Modular Systems; Mr Gopi T, Managing Director, Woodtech Consultants; Ar Santha Gour, Principal Architect, Infinitti Design Studio; Ms Nisha Manghnani, Founder and CEO, SCASA and ID Ameet Mirpuri, engaged in enlightening discussions about the effective strategies adopted by Italian and Chinese manufacturers. They explored the promising opportunities and strategies within India’s burgeoning furniture market. This insightful session was skilfully moderated by Ar Chandrika Sahay, Director & Principal Architect, Meraki Dezine.

During the discussion, Ms. Manghnani highlighted the organic evolution of her business, emphasizing its transition from dealing with Italian brands and the trust they’ve built over time. She underscored the aspirational value associated with Italian luxury products.

Ar Gaur emphasized that budget is the primary factor influencing furniture origin choices, noting how styling follows budget constraints. ID Ameet Mirpuri delved into the importance of clients’ styling preferences in determining the origin of furniture choices. He also discussed the growing trend of Indian clients seeking designs with a touch of nostalgia.

Mr. Gopi explained the shift in reasons for choosing Italy or China over the years, citing design and quality as paramount for Italy and scale and quality consistency for China. The panel also addressed manufacturing differences, pointing out that European manufacturers prioritize design and quality, while Chinese manufacturers focus on cost-effective techniques and scale. They suggested that designers play a crucial role in guiding clients towards Indian manufacturers and promoting locally crafted products.

Additionally, there was a call for government support to create design forums showcasing Indian talent and manufacturers on the global stage.



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