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Business of Furniture in India 2023-2027 - Investing In The Future

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Business of Furniture in India 2023-2027 - Investing In The Future

India as a market has become an enticing prospect for both domestic and global players of the furniture and modular industry. As a result, companies are keen to invest and expand their existing facilities. Hettich, a name synonymous with quality and innovation, is stepping up its commitment to India, recognizing the potential this dynamic nation holds. Speaking on Hettich’s vision for India and the global market, Mr Eckholt emphasized the significance of thinking merely beyond business. “It’s not just about aiming to be the undisputed global market leader; it’s about building something that lasts through generations. Sustainable growth that can be passed on from one generation to the next,” he explained.

With a keen focus on sustainability and digitalization, Hettich’s commitment to India has never been stronger. The recent inauguration of their factory in Vadodara, specializing in manufacturing telescopic slides in large volumes, marks a significant step. The company has also laid the foundation stone for its upcoming manufacturing unit in Indore, Madhya Pradesh.

My message is to invest into people, upskill the people, invest into technologies and strengthen the local footprint.

Andre Eckholt, Managing Director, Hettich India

Over the last decade, Hettich has invested approximately INR 1700 crores, underlining its belief in India’s potential. Mr Eckholt confidently declared, “We are doing it because we strongly believe that this is the golden decade of India.” He urged the industry to focus on its own path and strengths, rather than constantly looking to China for comparison. Mr Eckholt acknowledged that India’s growth is unique, driven not by the political system but by the people of India. The furniture and modular industry is evolving in response to the growing trend of urbanization and the need for customized, digital, and space-efficient solutions. Commenting on India’s thriving furniture and modular industry, Mr Eckholt took a cue from India’s Chandrayaan-3 mission which successfully landed on the moon and said “The sky is no longer the limit, and even the moon is within reach.”

For businesses and industries to prosper infrastructure development is another critical aspect. Setting up a factory is not enough; the infrastructure around it must also be conducive to growth. Government support in this area is pivotal. Recalling the progress he has witnessed since his journey began in India in 2013, Mr. Eckholt noted positive changes, including new airports and improved infrastructure, during his return in November 2021. He added that the ongoing development in infrastructure signifies a promising future for India’s industrial landscape.


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