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A Sustainable Kitchen System with Recyclable Stainless Steel Modules | Ilo+milo 2.0

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Interior architect Ntaiana Charalampous, co-founder of the design studio Dedaleo, has introduced the Ilo+milo 2.0 kitchen system. Developed as a flexible alternative to traditional kitchens, Charalampous designed the system to cater to modern, dynamic lifestyles, providing homeowners and young individuals with adaptable solutions for their kitchen layout. Know more about it on FURNITURE DESIGN AND TECHNOLOGY (FDT).

The Ilo+milo 2.0, updated in 2022, features square stainless-steel modules measuring 60cm X 60cm. These modules can be combined in various configurations, allowing users to easily rearrange and reconfigure their kitchen layout. The system’s versatility is enhanced by square units, modules with curved surfaces, and height-adjustable legs that can be detached to form a separate dining table.

The customizable nature of the system extends to materials and finishes, with options for different metal doors, drawers and pull-out tops, available in a wide range of colours. The vertical metal elements can be plain, perforated or corrugated, while the work surfaces are crafted from stainless steel or a terrazzo-like material made from recycled metal and glass waste.

Prioritizing sustainability, the Ilo+milo 2.0 incorporates recyclable stainless-steel frames and worktops made from recycled materials, minimizing waste and promoting reuse. The modular design also allows for easy component replacement, reducing the necessity to discard the entire kitchen when updates are needed.

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