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The Playful Elegance of this Lamp Unites Functional Illumination and Whimsical Design

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In addition to its evident illumination, a well-crafted lighting design has the ability to infuse a space with personality and charm. It can serve as a sculptural masterpiece, an embodiment of personal taste, and a testament to your curatorial finesse. Portable lighting options, such as the Stair Table Lamp, offer the convenience of bringing light wherever it's needed. Designed by Notchi Architects for Oblure, this lamp takes inspiration from playful geometry and gravity’s whimsy. It resembles a sphere teetering on the edge of a staircase, making it a delightful conversation starter. Know more about it on FURNITURE DESIGN AND TECHNOLOGY (FDT).

Balancing playfulness and sophistication, this lamp evokes nostalgia for childhood building blocks. The Stair Table Lamp doubles as a bookend, fitting seamlessly onto desks, bedside tables, or within children’s playrooms. With its integrated USB-C ports, it also serves as a practical charging station. Available in four captivating colours, including beige, black, red, and yellow, it effortlessly complements your workspace and style.

Oblure, a contemporary lighting design brand, introduced the Stair Table Lamp. This playful lamp showcases geometry, shape and edges with a colourful twist, diverging from Oblure’s previous black-and-white minimalist designs. The Stair Table Lamp captures a fleeting moment of physics, where the sphere teeters on the brink before gravity takes over. Lit, it casts striking angular shadows, highlighting its powder-coated steel staircase.

Image credit: Oblure




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