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This Public Seating Solar-Powered Bench Rotates on its Own | Solar-Powered Bench

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The Solar-Powered Bench by Melbourne-based art and technology studio ENESS is a unique seating solution that rotates using solar energy, offering a fresh perspective on urban surroundings through its gentle movement. This playful rotation invites users to reconsider public spaces as they gradually change their viewpoint. Here is a detailed report on FURNITURE DESIGN AND TECHNOLOGY (FDT).

Designed for people of all ages to gather, the Solar-Powered Bench encourages conversations and a chance to appreciate the local scenery while connecting with the natural environment. Its design, resembling a flower graphic from the 1960s, gives it an aerial view reminiscent of spinning flowers in the sunlight. Additionally, it pays homage to the aesthetics of 1960s furniture when innovative synthetics were revolutionizing manufacturing techniques.

Constructed from rotomolded Low-density Polyethylene (LDPE), these benches are an eco-friendly choice, as LDPE is highly recyclable, aligning with contemporary values of environmental responsibility. This blend of retro aesthetics and modern sustainability is achieved by harnessing solar energy through built-in solar panels. The Solar-Powered Bench’s interaction with the sun causes it to spin faster on sunnier days and slower when the sky is overcast. For younger users, it offers delightful moments as their feet dangle off the ground in a playful manner, while taller individuals playfully replant their feet every few meters as the bench rotates slowly.

Technical Specs

  • L2.1m x W2.1m x H0.6m
  • Operational voltage = 12V
  • 400Ah LiFeP04 rechargeable battery
  • 100W solar-power output
  • Self-regulating charger
  • Ultra-low speed


  • Recycled plastics rotomolded into a speckled surface in retro colours
  • Galvanized steel frame (with drainage for seats)
  • Safety glass covering for solar-power panel

Image credit: ENESS




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