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Crafting Minimalist Sculpting Lights from Volcanic Rock | Meta Parallel

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The exquisite shape of Meta Parallel by David Pompa gives rise to a captivating play of equilibrium and contrast, manifested through a pair of natural stone columns. Joined by a solitary horizontal metal element, the Meta Parallel lamps encase volcanic stones positioned at varying intervals based on the chosen design approach. Know more about it on FURNITURE DESIGN AND TECHNOLOGY (FDT).

This adaptability allows for the lamps to be harmoniously merged and layered, forming stunning chandeliers or evocative sculptural arrangements. Casting a gentle, adjustable white glow, each cylinder accommodates two 7W LED bulbs that illuminate the surroundings effectively. For the columns, the Meta Parallel employs Recinto, a volcanic rock formed during the rapid solidification of lava. It’s recognized for its distinctive and enigmatic appearance, characterized by a porous texture that exhibits nuanced dark grey shades due to surface irregularities. This ensures every lamp retains a unique identity.

On the other hand, the Meta Parallel White incorporates Fiorito, a light grey natural stone sourced from Puebla, Mexico. Both materials infuse the lighting fixtures with a natural and porous texture, marrying industrial elements with a touch of luxury. Beyond its surface, the Meta Parallel series stands as a tribute to Mexican culture, intricately interwoven with its materials.

Recinto, historically employed by various Mesoamerican societies, has deep roots in Mexico, serving as a fundamental resource for sculptures, culinary utensils, and architectural elements for centuries. The Meta Parallel collection serves as luminous sculptures, suspending volcanic rocks in a seemingly weightless dance. This series harmoniously marries bold aesthetics with poetic elements, exploring the interplay between geometric elegance and the ruggedness of stones. A captivating equilibrium emerges, fusing the stones’ porosity with industrial craftsmanship. Each individual piece takes shape guided by abstract visual concepts, beautifully realized through elegant symmetry.

Image credit: David Pompa




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