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Design An Mor Transforms Paper Waste into Innovative Furniture Solutions | Paper Clay

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For years, paper waste has posed a significant challenge across industries and offices, often constituting around 70 per cent of a company’s total waste. On average, a single office worker uses approximately 10,000 sheets of paper annually. Design An Mor is delving into the physical and aesthetic aspects of waste paper to harness its potential as a valuable local resource. Their research uncovers fresh avenues for innovative applications, especially in the realm of interior and design materials. Know more about it on FURNITURE DESIGN AND TECHNOLOGY (FDT).

In collaboration with local partners, Design An Mor engages in the classification, shredding and transformation of waste paper into novel fiber materials. This process operates as a circular cycle, converting waste paper into raw materials and subsequently, finished products. This method ensures that every unnecessary material is repurposed.

The unique aesthetics and qualities of paper materials make them versatile for integration into product designs. Reflecting the diverse nature of paper scraps, each piece of Paper Clay carries echoes of past styles and treatments before recycling, resulting in a distinctive blend of colour, composition and structure.

During their research, the team explored the utilization of locally available minerals and metal oxides in various colours. By employing resources and craftsmanship with minimal ecological impact, the Paper Clay project effectively combines discarded paper with natural materials, culminating in a harmonious collaboration.

Design An Mor addresses the challenge of industrial paper waste by recycling organic materials to create adaptable, versatile modular furniture. Their project Paper Clay explores paper’s properties, shaping it into robust composite blocks infused with natural mineral colours, yielding a unique marble effect. These blocks are assembled into modular furniture pieces—tables, shelving, chairs, and stools—offering distinct design and flexibility for homes and offices.

Continuing their exploration of waste paper’s potential, Design An Mor collaborates with local partners to create a fiber clay material. This innovative building substance boasts rigid attributes and marbled aesthetics, merging paper scraps with locally sourced minerals. Transformed into small bricks, this waste-turned-material becomes modular furniture, enriching spaces with its unique colour, composition and structure. This circular process aligns with their vision of transforming waste into functional beauty.

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