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Insights on Modular Kitchens in Indian Context from

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Insights on Modular Kitchens in Indian Context from | exclusive sofa design

Maximus Modular Systems is a prominent company engaged in manufacturing of modular kitchens and wardrobes. It extends a promise of quality and perfection. Every product of the company undergoes stringent quality, taste and minute detailing by the connoisseurs of the field. The company is very well known for its innovative range of products and unsurpassed customer satisfaction. The company’s team of expert closely works with architects, Interior designers and clients to achieve best out turn of product as per the customer’s requirement and their unique lifestyle. Hence giving them the WOW! feeling. In an exclusive interview with Furniture Design & Technology (FDT), Mr. Abhishek Punamiya, Director, Maximus Modular Systems discusses the business culture and the important nitty-gritty that make the company stand out in the kitchen and wardrobe segments.

FDT: Please introduce Maximus Modular Systems in few words.

Our company is a family owned company which was started in 2009. We are into manufacturing of modular kitchens, wardrobes and living rooms. We have a pan India dealer network for assembled kitchens and wardrobes.

FDT: What are the latest technologies that you are using in manufacturing?

We are using all possible latest technologies in our production. We use the latest CAD-CAM software for the entire process from designing to production. Apart from this, we are also using a special kind of software in designing and other stages of manufacturing. We have bar codes on the machines as well. We are using many of the systems and technologies used in European countries.

FDT: How do you differentiate Maximus from other companies in the trade?

We are a group of company and have two manufacturing units in Vasai (west), Mumbai. One is Maximus Modular Systems and other is Modulinea Modular Systems. The third company of our group is Varun Impex which represents top 10 Italian brands for hardware in India. These all together make us one stop solution for our customers and dealers and one of the top companies in manufacturing. Our dealers get complete kitchen and wardrobe solutions, including the hardware and required wood working, through our one stop manufacturing units. We have always tried to bring world class technology and products in India. Our strong association with European companies make us more technically equipped and reliable with innovative products. We have all in-house facilities from manufacturing to delivery including quality controls. We are equipped with all system and process for everything PU, liker, veneers etc. We don’t have any system of outside job work.

FDT: What kind of kitchen are you producing - fully assembled or component basis?

The fully assembled modular kitchen trend in India is very low. Kitchens in India are more on component basis. We have to work on the demand received from markets and customers. We get the orders from our dealers majorly for component basis kitchen for their flats or homes. If we go to European countries then we will find the completely assembled modular kitchen trend. The trend will take time to get adopted in India. As on date, there is also no thumb rules for wardrobes and kitchens in our country. We have different panels and standards for each and every segment of modular kitchen and wardrobes.

FDT: Currently, how many units of kitchens are you producing in a month?

Presently, we at Maximus Modular are producing 100 to 125 kitchens per month and the same volume of flat pack wardrobes is produced. We have all kinds of state of the art in-house manufacturing facility. All facilities are under one roof with huge manufacturing capacity. We can increase our production as per the orders.

FDT: What kind of hardware and materials are being used in manufacturing?

Our business policy is to produce quality products. Keeping in view that we are using world class hardware from top Europeans brands of hardware in our kitchens or wardrobes. We represent the GRASS brand hardware for runners in India. Likewise, we are also associated with a lot of world class companies for different kinds of hardware for legs, planes, special openings, top lifts used in kitchen and other product segments. We are giving a complete solution with world class quality to our dealers in India.

FDT: What kinds of machines are used by Maximus?

We are using all top and well known brands of European machines. For wood processing and PU like ring, processing machines are majorly from Italy. Cutting machines, Beam saw machines, edge bending, CNC routers, CNC Cutting machines all are majorly from Europe.

FDT: What kind of latest finishes are you providing in kitchens?

We have all latest and wide ranges of finishes available with us. We have complete ranges of finishes like sink row pre-lam from particle boards, MDF, met, acrylic, glass, PU, high gloss lacquer, super matt, veneer, open core veneer, back painted glass, ceramic etc.

FDT: Which products have the highest demand in the market?

As we are into B2B segment and make products for medium high and high end segment, the clientsare the ones who require the high range products like acrylic, PU, veneer, glass, ceramic etc. These all are available in attractive charm, looks, designs, touch and feel and based on latest technology.

FDT: What about the price range?

As we have a wide range of products, the prices of the products vary. The price depends on different factors like materials, size etc. It’s purely about and based on the solution. The price depends on the kind of the solution whatever we are providing and demanded by the customers. Costing can be done on the basis of per sq ft. If we talk about the base price of a normal kitchen, it starts from Rs 4.50 lac to 5.00 lac onwards.

FDT: In how much volume and what kind of plywood are you using in manufacturing your products?

We are using 60 percent plywood in our manufacturing. Generally we use 70 percent BWP grade 710 plywood majorly in our production. Looking into quality prospects, all plywood is being sourced from Kolkata only.

FDT: How the wardrobe segment is doing?

There is a good demand in the wardrobe segment. We have expanded ourselves in this segment. We are doing well in this also. Like the kitchen, the market of wardrobe is growing rapidly. As per orders from our dealers, now we are producing 100-125 wardrobes on monthly basis. We are hoping soon the volume of kitchen and wardrobe will increase.

FDT: What kind of business model do you work on?

We work on the dealership networking model across the country. Presently we have a strong dealership network in South and West India and few in North India. We sell our products only through those dealers who are associated with us. We also work on their demand. The maximum share of our business is received from dealers based in South and West India, and demand of modular kitchens in both markets are growing rapidly. Most of the dealers who are Jan-Feb, 2020 Interview 4 FDT working with us are also associated with the builders and architect community. Nowadays, builders are providing all kind of facilities to home buyers which include living rooms, wardrobes, kitchens and other interior related work. Due to this new trend, the demand of different kinds of modular kitchens is increasing rapidly.

FDT: As compared to south and west your presence in north India seems low, why and what are the future plans in this reagrd?

We have a proper marketing strategy and also a plan to grab the market share in north India as well. We want to explore the market opportunity with our strategic move which is based on various kinds of phases and step wise process. First, we want to focus on a single market and segment and after setting and achieving the goals enteranother market. This is what we are doing and going ahead in order to expend our business. We have made our strong presence and deep penetration in west and south market and have started to move and focus into northern markets. In terms of business share, both the markets of west and south are same. We are hoping for best market share in north India as well in near future. FDT: When Maximums is going to export its products? Right now, we don’t have any plan to exporting our products. India is a very big market containing huge opportunity for modular furniture. The market is growing continuously and we want to grab the market share accordingly. There is lot to do and we want to explore all opportunities available in the Indian market. So, we are not focusing on export at all. FDT: What’s your estimation about the growth rate of modular kitchens in India? The modular kitchen market of India is growing with the average rate of 30-40 percent per year since the last 4-5 years.


"The modular kitchen market of India is growing with the average rate of 30-40 percent per year since the last 4-5 years. The demand is continuously growing. New buyers are demanding modular kitchens along with their homes and the old are replacing their kitchens with new modular kitchens."

The demand is continuously growing. New buyers are demanding modular kitchens along with their homes and the old are replacing their kitchens with new modular kitchens. Indians are now understanding the advantages of modular kitchens.

FDT: You are working in this industry for the last 10 years, what changes have you experienced in a decade in the industry?

We have seen a lot of changes including up and downs in this industry in the last 10 years. Lots of changes have been observed in terms of finishes, materials, looks and technology but one thing which remains unchanged is demand of new products. In the market, the demand of new products is always high. Apart from new products, always the pricing is considered a major criteria in the market. As our business is based on architects and interior designers so we receive the maximum demand of new products in trend.

FDT: How do you build up association with architects or the related community, how are they helpful in growing your business?

We do one-to-one meeting with architects and provide them detailed information about the new products and related technology whatever we have. As we use the technology and materials from European countries majorly from Italy, so we provide information of such products which are new and demanding in these European countries. The hardware companies which we are representing in India also supply materials to top big kitchen companies in Europe and share the information of latest trends in Europe. The biggest advantage of being with us is that architects associated with us know the latest world class technology and trends in the industry. Architects are always interested in new technology, finishes, designs and looks so that they can suggest the same to their clients. Through the architects, we connect to customers and the market and provide the latest world class products. We fulfil the need of architects and markets.

FDT: What about the procurement of raw materials, where and how do you that?

Raw materials are being sourced from domestic markets as well as imported. Most of the materials like plywood, HMR Grade, particle boards, HDF, PU laker, veneers, ceramic, laminates etc. are totally sourced from the domestic market because these are easily available in best quality in the Indian market. The materials like paints, ceramic, hardware etc for special products is sourced from Europe only. Few of the items used in production are directly sourced from manufacturers while rest of them are directly imported or sourced from the local market. Materials for exclusive products are only imported.

FDT: What is the current market scenario in terms of demand for modular kitchens?

Presently, market sentiments are slow and demand of every kind of furniture has fallen. But we are hoping that soon it will grow. In India, 60-70 percent kitchen market is based on carpentry. Due to increasing involvement of architects, designer and builders the carpentry based kitchen are getting replaced with modular kitchens. The market is expanding and the slow down sentiments will not be permanent in the market.

FDT: There are a lot of people in the market who sell modified traditional or carpentry based kitchen in the name of modular kitchen and people are stuck in confusion. What’s your take on this observation?

You are right. A few while ago I explained about the component business. There is a lot of difference between the component business and assembled kitchen. When we talk about the assembled kitchen that means it’s about the complete factory fitted kitchen. Assembled kitchens come with totally factory fitted and installed cabinets, shutters, drawers, hardware, runners etc and cross checked with all required norms. We have got all modularity like Italian or European kitchens in these factory fitted kitchens. When someone goes for components, he gets granite with it already. In this case, framing is to be done inside the granite and there will be variation in framing from 1 mm to 2 mm. Channels, hinges etc. will be not be proper in it also. All work is to be done manually, so there will always be chances of many kinds of mismatching and improperness. Customers will also not get proper quality in component based kitchens and will be stuck in difficulties.




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