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Artistic Wooden Lampshades Mimic Pencil Shavings | Nanako Kume

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Tokyo-based designer Nanako Kume has launched a delightful pendant light series of wood. Drawing inspiration from the scraps that are left from sharpening pencils, Kume has designed the pendant lights out of large blocks of wood. Here is a detailed report on FURNITURE DESIGN AND TECHNOLOGY (FDT).

To create wood shavings out of the large blocks of wood, Kume built a giant pencil sharpener. According to her, “Since childhood, I have been fascinated by the shape and fleetingness of shavings that are made when sharpening pencils. I thought that by increasing the size and thickness of what must be discarded as waste, it would be possible to create new products while maintaining the beauty of the shape.”

For this, Kume started softening the wood block in a steamer right before shaving. This helps in making it bendable and easy to scrape out in thin, sturdy layers. The freshly shaved wooden layers are flexible and take the shape once it dries. However, Kume points out that the wood needs to be adjusted at an angle at the right time. According to her, adjusting the angle and position is more important than softening the wood. It is also crucial to keep in mind the position of the sharpening blade to get a good scraping.

Since each lampshade is carved out single-handedly, its details vary. It majorly depends on the species or type of wood, its colour, shape and the use of dye.

Image credits: Nanako Kume




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