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Design your own Furniture With these Modular Block Systems | Blokaloks

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Today, many products are designed keeping in mind the lifestyle preferences of consumers. Products are evolving and with more ergonomic features. Not only are they modest and modular but also portable. The primitive methods of crafting products, though artistic with each design of their own, are often wasteful, inefficient and unsustainable.

With modular block systems gaining more recognition with smart walls and dividers, blocks have become a favourite. Similar to bricks and LEGO pieces, blokaloks is a block-inspired system that offers the user the ability to build simpler pieces of furniture or products with ease. Here is a detailed report on Furniture Design and Technology (FDT).

There is utter satisfaction in building something from scratch. As easy as a LEGO piece, blokaloks is an intuitive and simple system that requires no building expertise. A simple, modular system that is structurally sound and fully insulated, blokaloks come with an interlocking system to create sheds, tiny homes, residential additions and other structures. With a couple of tools and a bunch of bloks, one can easily build a structure.

Based on the structural insulated panel technology (SIP), the wood panel and foam core structure are stronger and energy efficient than traditional stick frame buildings. Adhering to California's aggressively green net-zero legislation, the product yields almost zero legislation. Unlike traditional methods of construction techniques which are complicated and require skilled professionals, blokaloks allow non-professionals to build faster, efficiently and in a green way.

Invented by Stan Spencer, blokaloks are strong and versatile. Its H shape is a tessellation that allows one to combine multiple options without producing negative space. It is the simplicity of the design that allows for any configuration, thereby providing flexibility. With the help of bloks, one can easily build walls, large doors and windows and can create more custom pieces. The bloks are made from OSB with internal polystyrene insulation. The insulation is moulded with channels that allow for wiring and plumbing. Once the bloks are fit, they can be joined with construction glue or adhesive.

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