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Popcorn furniture announces one-month workshops and activities amid COVID-19

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Popcorn furniture announces one-month workshops and activities amid COVID-19

The outbreak of corona virus pandemic has caused a high level of anxiety and scare in the mind of adults as well as children. Due to COVID-19, all the people are staying at home amid the lockdowns and in order to maintain the social distancing which can create more fear and anxiety. In the midst of such concern, leading institutional furniture manufacturing company Popcorn School furniture has started a unique campaign to keep the children busy and teach something new at home so that such stress level can be reduce. This campaign has been specially designed for children amid COVID-19 pandemic. 

Leading educational furniture manufacturing company Popcorn School Furniture come up with its unique one-month campaign focused on the mental wellbeing of the children. This was announced by the company on the occasion of World Health Day. This campaign has been launched in association with Good Karma, aims to mitigate the stress in children during the COVID-19 outbreak through some workshops and activities at home. 

As per the reports, Popcorn Furniture will hold virtual workshops with kids as well as parents under the instruction of experts. Parents will be asked to plan some activities for their children, such as reading, painting, cooking, games and an interactive session with grandparents to spend their time productively. One-to-one interaction with Dr Ranjan Ghosh of Good Karma clinic will be held with kids and parents. Through this campaign, the brand will host engaging and innovative activities through its online platform for kids to boost their mental ability.

Popcorn Furniture founder-director Deepika Goyal said: “The emotional wellbeing of children is equally important as their physical health. Good mental health allows them to develop the resilience to cope with this lockdown situation. It is very essential to let the children use this time in a meaningful constructive manner instead of idling their time at home. We need to train kids and parents to cope with this situation under the supervision of experts. Hence the tie-up with Good Karma that deals with all aspects of mental wellbeing and counselling by Dr Ranjan Ghosh will be fruitful for our target, added in media reports. 




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