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Craft Melon Revives the Art of Wood Inlay

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Craft Melon Revives the Art of Wood Inlay

In a world of fast-paced developments when the traditional art and crafts of India are dying a slow death, Craft Melon is on a gallant path to revive the art of Wood Inlay. The founder of Craft Melon, Mr. Bhanuprakash R. is a former IT professional who quit his job to give new life to the disappearing traditional art of Mysore. 

In an exclusive conversation with Furniture Design & Technology (FDT), Mr. Bhanuprakash shared, “My passion was to do something different in the field of art and culture related to our traditions. I started the inlay art work in Mysore and decided to choose this passion as a profession.”

The art of wood inlay is a treasure of Mysore and predominantly use Rosewood along with other local selection of woods. At one time there was a great demand for inlay art in Mysore and more than five thousand artists were passionately attached to this art. This art has been passed on to generations but sadly urbanization has led the younger generation to move out of the region for other professions causing a slow death of the provincial art form

This art of painting on wood is quite complex that involves different types of wood for colour and the wood burr is filled in other wood depending on the design. This is a very hard and lengthy work undoubtedly, which is possible only from a top class designer and wood specialist. We are trying to innovate where we can use the inlay art work,” Mr. Bhanuprakash shares.

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