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6 Ways Your Old Furniture Can Get New Life

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6 Ways Your Old Furniture Can Get New Life

It’s so tough to part with things, mainly furniture. Even if you’ve bought a new dining room collection or just extra chairs for your kit, you may find it hard to throw out those useless chairs.  If you’ve got old chairs that you don’t want to throw out, we found a significant number of projects that will help you turn these otherwise futile old chairs into impressive new furnishings for your house and garden. Picture a great bird bath or even a shower towel rack, made from your re-purposed chairs. There are so many possibilities for repurposing furniture!

Whether your chairs are split, or they’re just a bit weathered, you can turn them into fabulous DIY repurposing plans. These innovative designs are all so useful, too, and will modify those old chairs into precious, meaningful, beautiful furnishings that you’re sure to be complacent to show off.

1. Make A Hall Tree

Make A Hall Tree

Image courtesy: Amazon

Dismantle the chair just a little, and you can build a functional, not to consider sumptuous, hall tree. Just join a pillow to the seat and some hooks to the back, and you’ll have a place for everything. Hooks give you a place to store passkeys, leashes, or even clothes, and the seat is ideal for taking off your footwear when you get home.

2. Create A Sidewalk Chalkboard

side walk chalkboard

Image courtesy: Colonial Castings

Whether you have a business or you want to add a decorating look to your front garden, this sidewalk chalkboard made from a split seat is flawless. It’s a first-class concept for weddings or fun, too. You can do it in chalkboard or use chalkboard color if you fancy and build your board.

3. Make A Coat Rack

Make A Coat Rack

Image courtesy: That Book Place

How impressive would this DIY coat rack look hanging in your foyer? Use the back of the chair, and add hooks. You can pull up coat hooks at any home remodeling store, and you can either stain or paint the seat back.

4. Make A Bathroom Shelf And Hanger

Make A Bathroom Shelf And Hanger

Image courtesy: Savvy Apron

Use the seat for this bathroom storage. You can cut the chair down and create two counters, using shafts or swinging areas. This is a grand plan for kids’ rooms, too. Keep books or toys on the cupboards, or add hooks for towels or blazers. Paint, stain or otherwise customize them whatever color or way you want.

5. Make Footwear Storage

Make Footwear Storage

Image courtesy: Digi Bless

Whether you’ve got an enormous walk-in closet or you want something in the apartment for all those shoes, an antique chair acts exceptionally. This is the plan for repurposing castoff furniture, and it’s easy, too. A box set in a cutout where the seat goes is great for keeping all sorts of shoes, and you can swing them from the back and sides, too.

6. Create A Stunning Porch Planter

Create A Stunning Porch Planter

Image courtesy: Pinterest

Use that old chair, the one with the defective seat, to create this gorgeous planter for the porch, or even inside if you want. Imagine having one of these on each side of your door! They give the porch a welcoming, homey look, and they’re so easy to create. This is an especially good project to up cycle those broken chairs with wicker seats.




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