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5 Old-School Furniture Pieces Poised for a Comeback

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If you enjoy walking around markets and fun in archaic shops, you’re compelled to spot unique items like telephone tables, valet seats, big wood music player cabinets and more. Moreover, while not all old furnishings are designed alike, many can find an exorbitant new life in our present-day homes. Not getting the vibe? Contemporary accounts of many of these 5 styles are readily available today.

1. Secretary: Alike the roll-top table in that you can hide your dirty work facade, the secretary dissents in various forms. First, since the desk surface folds down or slides out, you’ll want to clear it before filling up. Second, a secretary serves to have a full set of drawers below the desk surface (and sometimes above too), providing it with more storehouse.


Image courtesy: The Home Depot

How it will help you: With many drawers and a small footprint, the secretary makes an endless choice for the bedroom, guest room or wherever you could use extra area.

2. Telephone bench: This short seat-and-table combo was once used as a place for someone to sit while conversing on a (corded) telephone. Storage drawers kept phone magazines and notepads within grasp.


Image courtesy: Rumšiškių baldai

How it will help you:  A telephone bench is helpful in the entry as a perch for placing on footwear and several come with a built-in drop zone for keys and letter. In the living room, a telephone bench can pinch-hit as additional seats during a party.

3. Tête-à-tête: With backrests on opposing sides, this comfy two-seat couch is produced for communication — no more twisting sideways to speak with your next-door-neighbour at a gathering! Furthermore, while this creation was more prevalent in years past, there are still furniture producers today presenting differences on this style.


Image courtesy: Bear Chair

How it will help you:  The tête-à-tête sofa, while not perfect for watching TV, is ideal as a room divider in a space made for fun. Alternatively, put one in the bedroom for quiet conversations.

4. Valet chair: With the backrest modelled in the shape of a hook, and seldom including a small shelf for private items on top, a fold-up bar for pants and shoe bars below, the valet chair eased you to hold old but still wearable things.

Valet chair

Image courtesy: Shopify

How it will help you:  Still useful in the chamber, a valet chair would also make a deep touch in the guest room for colleagues and family who are visiting — particularly if you’re short on cabinet space.

5. Roll-top desk: The excellence of a roll-top desk is that it provides you to join the lid at the end of the day, without requiring cleaning up your business. This makes it perfect for messy authors and clutter-prone teenagers.

Roll-top desk

 Image courtesy: Amish Avenue

How it will help you:  While the standard roll-top desk isn’t large enough to fit a desktop computer, your laptop will be apt just fine — ideal when you need to have your office in the living room or bedroom but don’t want to stare at your tech devices 24/7.




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