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Furniture Design Trends: Notable Trends to Look Out For in 2023

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Furniture Design Trends: Notable Trends to Look Out For in 2023
Image credit: White Studios

Experts believe that on account of the expected higher residential sales, increasing middle-class population in metropolitan cities, change in preferences and higher disposable incomes, the Indian furniture market is expected to grow steadily in 2023. Get ready to ruminate on these trends listed by furniture industry experts.

Vault Chair; Image credit: Esvee Atelier

Rise in Urban Population

Invest India cites, 40 per cent of India’s population will be living in urban areas by 2025 up from 31 per cent in 2010, and will account for more than 60 per cent of consumption. Mr Kesury believes that with improving infrastructure and serviceability, robust demand from Tier 1 and Tier 2 markets will be seen as more and more furniture choices will be made available to consumers through offline experience centres.

“Urban dwellers prefer contemporary furniture that is timeless yet elegant and versatile, and this trend will only be triggered in the coming year. Additionally, quality will be more important than ever as new materials and innovative technology will flood the market,” informs Mr Lamba.

Image credit: White Studios

Optimisation of Resources and Space

New furniture segments like gaming chairs and space-saving furniture are expected to witness a surge in demand. For Mr Middelhoven, “Optimizing the little space we have available is key to making the best of each cubic centimeter. Functionality is the absolute key in 2023. People are willing to invest in smart solutions that will make their everyday lives just a bit easier. 2023 will be about value for money for many households.” Additionally, Mr Gitesh Mehta, Founder, White Studios, adds, “People are now looking for more experiential furniture and not just aesthetics. More maximalism, more storage furniture and high accent furniture which may be either CMF element or structural furniture, leisure chairs and convertible furniture will be some major furniture highlights in the upcoming year.” Mr Varma also points out, “New hybrid pieces will still continue in 2023 as there’s no definitive space for pieces in open spaces and plans.”

"People are now looking for more experiential furniture with maximalism, more storage furniture and high accent furniture. "

Mr Gitesh Mehta Founder, White Studios


Demand for Sustainable Materials

The pandemic promoted conscious choices. Sachin and Neha confirm that wood, bamboo, cane, rattan, jute, etc will be much in demand as compared to synthetic materials. Adding to the duo, Meera Pyarelal, Founder and Interior Designer, Temple Town notifies, “Biophilic design is here to stay and colours inspired from nature continue to rule greens, browns beiges and greys.”

Image credit: White Studios

Blending Past and Present

Sachin and Neha predict that curved furniture of the last few years will still find favour. “Surface details and textures are going to be big as today. Statement-making pieces will be sought after,” cities the duo.

Pyarelal alludes, “2023 will also see the return of Art Deco with a slow shift from minimalism with more colour and drama, and a lot less of open shelves and glass doors. Additionally, with the advent of marie condo, people will seek multi-functional spaces that are organized.”

"2023 will see the return of Art Deco with a slow shift from minimalism with more colour and drama, and a lot less of open shelves and glass doors." 

Meera Pyarelal, Founder and Interior Designer, Temple Town


Design Innovations

For Ar Sahu, “Product innovations in custom and ready-made furniture have enabled the creation of low-maintenance pieces that are easily installable, thus becoming the preferred choice of today’s users.”

Augmented Reality in e-commerce provides a much more interactive shopping experience to consumers. Mr Kesury elaborates, “AR/VR will gain traction as consumers are looking for an immersive shopping experience. It enables multi-variate and will blur the offline-online elements to provide a virtual design experience see it in your room.”

Left and right: Image credit: Temple Town

Ar Sahu also mentions that Indian artisans are getting recognition and merging fusion with contemporary is another prospect driving the Indian furniture market.


Government Initiatives

Lastly, experts believe that the Make-in-India theme is likely to gather momentum in 2023. “The government’s focus on making India a furniture manufacturing hub through various initiatives like setting up furniture hubs and PLI schemes for mass production will accelerate the initiative,” concludes Mr Kesury.



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