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A Customizable Storage Solution Inspired by Pegboard-Style Furniture for Modern Spaces

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String Furniture, renowned for its modular shelving systems, recently introduced Center Center, a versatile storage solution inspired by the pegboard-style furniture created by Form Us With Love (FUWL) for its studio. Debuting at 3 Days of Design, the Center Center system is crafted from perforated steel panels, allowing for customizable configurations through various modules and accessories. Know more about it on FURNITURE DESIGN AND TECHNOLOGY (FDT).

Originally designed in 2022 to cater to FUWL’s multifunctional workspace needs in Stockholm, the system caught String’s attention as an ideal product for today’s adaptable living and working environments. Founders John Lofgren and Jonas Pettersson collaborated with String to expand the design into a comprehensive product line, featuring components like boxes, doors, shelves, trays, hooks and handles that can be assembled in countless ways using simple screw fixings. Center Center has the ability to evolve with users’ changing needs. The system encourages interior designers and users to tailor spaces creatively, supporting various configurations for homes, offices, or public areas.

Center Center aligns with String’s legacy of modular design, dating back to the 1949 shelving system by Nils and Kajsa Strinning. Available in eight vibrant colours, including blue, green and yellow, as well as the original white chosen by FUWL, the powder-coated steel units are meticulously manufactured with precise welding and bending techniques. The system also offers options for legs and castors for elevated floor positioning, enhancing its versatility in any space.

Image credit: String Furniture




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