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A Sustainable Sofa System Crafted from Natural Cork and Latex, Emphasizing Recyclability

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Designer Paul Crofts and furniture brand Isomi have developed Tejo, a sustainable sofa system crafted from recyclable materials such as natural cork and latex. Debuting at Clerkenwell Design Week, Tejo replaces conventional plywood or metal frames with cork and uses latex wrapped in wool wadding instead of polyurethane foam. Upholstered in wool, flax or hemp, the sofa is over 99 per cent composed of renewable materials, with only the seat pads containing a small amount of glue-based plywood. Know more about it on FURNITURE DESIGN AND TECHNOLOGY (FDT).

Tejo’s design ensures ease of disassembly, with all fixings visible and accessible to facilitate recycling. This contrasts sharply with traditional sofas, which are often difficult to recycle due to their complex construction. Crofts and Isomi addressed the challenges of using cork and latex, both of which are more expensive and require careful handling to maximize material efficiency and maintain structural integrity.

The inspiration for Tejo came from Crofts’ visit to a Portuguese factory where he saw cork blocks being processed. Portugal, the largest producer of cork, uses leftover material from wine bottle cork production to create cork blocks for various applications. Tejo is available in multiple configurations, including benches, single and double sofas, and various accessories like tables and planters. These modular units can be assembled in numerous ways, making Tejo suitable for commercial spaces, workspaces, retail environments and hospitality settings.

Image credit: Paul Crofts and Isomi




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