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First Furniture Piece to Receive EU’s PEF Single Score | Cross Chair

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Furniture brand Takt recently adopted a new lifecycle assessment method developed by the European Commission, which evaluates a product’s full impact on nature and human health. Takt’s Cross Chair is the first furniture product to receive the European Commission’s Product Environmental Footprint (PEF) single score, based on 16 environmental impact categories. Know more about it on FURNITURE DESIGN AND TECHNOLOGY (FDT). This scoring system, replacing carbon footprint measurements, will be reportedly applied to Takt’s entire catalogue. According to founder Henrik Taudorf Lorensen, PEF’s comprehensive analysis, stating that low carbon does not always mean low impact. The PEF score considers diverse factors like water usage, toxins and land use, providing a more holistic environmental assessment. Takt collaborated with Danish company Malbar to develop a product screening tool for calculating PEF scores, verified by Bureau Veritas. For instance, the Cross Chair’s score of 0.0025 considered factors like FSC-certified wood, a sustainable supply chain, and design facilitating efficient delivery and disassembly. As per Taudorf Lorensen, PEF’s universality, allowing comparisons across various products. PEF reporting aligns with Takt’s commitment to radical transparency, empowering customers with comprehensive environmental information and aiding Takt in identifying areas for improvement. Image credit: Takt



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