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IKEA Unveils Unconventional, Versatile Gaming Furniture at Milan Design Week | Brannboll Collection

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As a part of Milan Design Week, IKEA has unveiled its latest innovation, the Brannboll collection, a range of gaming furniture designed to challenge the stereotypical aesthetic associated with gaming setups. Comprising 20 pieces including seating, storage and various accessories, this collection aims to enhance the immersive gaming experience while seamlessly integrating into the home decor when not in use. Know more about it on FURNITURE DESIGN AND TECHNOLOGY (FDT).

According to the brand, the inspiration behind the Brannboll collection stemmed from the realization that the global gaming community has expanded significantly, reaching 3.3 billion individuals in 2023. Recognizing that many gamers, particularly casual players, feel disconnected from the traditional dark, cyberpunk-inspired gaming furniture, IKEA sought to cater to a broader audience with a more versatile and inclusive design approach.

According to Philip Dile, a product design developer at IKEA, the collection departures from the conventional gaming furniture aesthetic, opting instead for a playful and flexible design language influenced by sports rather than technology. Reportedly, through interviews, workshops and home visits with gamers, the Brannboll collection was crafted to offer mobility and adaptability, allowing gamers to enjoy their favourite pastime across different rooms and platforms.

Key features of the collection include low-slung chairs for optimal viewing, a blow-up lounge chair made from lightweight and recyclable thermoplastic polyurethane, and an innovative armchair that transforms into a lounger. Accessories such as spill-proof coasters, side tables with wheels, and circular rugs for virtual reality gaming were also thoughtfully designed to enhance the gaming experience and promote comfort and convenience.

Storage solutions play a vital role in the Brannboll collection, with items like caddies, gaming stations disguised as cupboards, and foldable baskets providing ample space for handheld consoles, chargers, and accessories. The multifunctional design of these storage pieces ensures that gamers have easy access to their equipment without cluttering their space.

Currently showcased at Milan Design Week, the Brannboll collection is reportedly slated for release in September 2024, promising gamers a refreshing and functional approach to gaming furniture.

Image credit: IKEA




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