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What is India Furniture Conclave and who should attend it?

FDT Bureau

Concurrent Events: WADE ASIA Architecture Event, India Interior Retailing (IIR), MATECIA Exhibition
22-23-24 September 2023 Pragati Maidan Delhi

India Furniture Conclave is a B2B conference on Furniture, Kitchen, Wardrobes & Hardware sectors with its inaugural edition happening on the 22nd of September 2023 at Pragati Maidan Delhi along with three days of other concurrent events, WADE ASIA Architecture Event, Matecia Exhibition and India Interior Retailing (IIR).

The world of furniture manufacturing is currently undergoing a profound transformation, prompting us to turn our gaze towards the future potential in residential, office and other sectors. Currently, a substantial portion of these needs are met through furniture imports, a trend that could potentially shift as the furniture industry positions itself as a cornerstone of the ‘Make in India’ initiative.

To initiate this transformative shift, a thorough examination of why consumers often opt for European furniture and the cost advantage enjoyed by Chinese furniture is crucial.

Furthermore, we must scrutinize the extent to which India can cater to evolving consumer demands and preferences. Here is why a knowledge forum like INDIA FURNITURE CONCLAVE is required that can connect people and engage different stakeholders to shape the current industry and pave the way for a bring future!

India is at the cusp of becoming one of the fastest growing markets globally for furniture makers and sellers. Hardware, Furnishing, Kitchen, Wardrobes, and Lighting & Decor would be benefiting equally in the run. As per World Bank, India’s organized furniture industry is said to grow at 20% annually, being the 4th largest consumer of furniture.

From product positioning to raw material sourcing, the right hardware and fittings, and even logistics, core factors and components need discussions. For India to make a mark in the furniture industry, the existing distribution model might as well need a comprehensive overhaul. Strategic approaches must be embraced to ensure efficient distribution that caters to the diverse needs of local and global markets. To achieve a level where India’s name shines prominently in the realm of furniture, action must be taken now. It’s important to seek solutions and resolutions from credible experts who possess firsthand experience and insights into managing such scenarios.

At INDIA FURNITURE CONCLAVE, we recognize the significance of addressing the intricate details of this game. Our goal is to witness the Indian Furniture Industry take its rightful place in the spotlight. With this purpose in mind, we have assembled a lineup of the industry’s finest minds at the INDIA FURNITURE CONCLAVE.



The experts and industry stalwarts are poised to delve into the pivotal aspects of the furniture business, providing authentic insights to help your business not only achieve individual goals but also contribute to the collective aspirations of the sector.


Join us as we unveil INDIA FURNITURE CONCLAVE on the:

Date: September 22nd, 2023

Time: 9:30 AM

Venue: Pragati Maidan, New Delhi


Register and block your seat:

To be a Speaker contact:
More info at:,




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