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This Storable Lamp Redefines Illumination and Storage in Compact Living Spaces | SAI

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In an effort to enhance comfort within confined living spaces, Junhee Lee and Chaewon Kim posed a unique question — What  about incorporating lighting into storage? This led to the creation of SAI, a storable lamp designed specifically for small residential areas in Korea. Engineered for effortless retrieval, mobility and convenient storage, SAI encompasses three variations that effectively illuminate a range of daily activities with varying intensities and color temperatures. Here is a detailed report on FURNITURE DESIGN AND TECHNOLOGY (FDT).

With a simple and user-friendly design, these portable lamp modules can be easily accessed and installed. Initially housed within a wooden shelving unit that doubles as furniture, users can take out the desired module and carry it to where it’s needed. After use, the module can be returned to the main body where it will recharge automatically.

Considering a significant portion of the younger generation in Korea resides in compact studio apartments, introducing a new piece of furniture requires careful consideration due to limited space and pathways. Moreover, while lighting is crucial in our daily lives, it often consumes a considerable portion of this restricted space. This insight gave rise to the concept behind SAIa design solution that seamlessly integrates storage and lighting to reclaim valuable space.

Junhee Lee and Chaewon Kim coined the term SAI as an English rendition of Korean word, which translates to gap between spaces. The portable lamp series consists of three types of lighting modules and a main body to house them, each offering a distinct colour temperature with adjustable light intensity. The smallest, Type A, has a colour temperature of 2500K, while the larger Type B boasts an intensity of 3500K. The largest, Type C, has an intensity of 5000K. Additionally, SAI features a convenient dimmer dial switch, enabling users to adjust the light intensity and easily turn off the lights as needed. The main body, functioning as a storage unit for the light modules, provides versatile functionality as it can also serve as a side table, shelf or drawer.

Image credit: Junhee Lee and Chaewon Kim




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