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Checkout this Next-Generation Furniture Collection for Modern Classrooms | CoLab

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Industrial design studio Pearson Lloyd and British brand Senator have collaborated to create CoLab, an innovative furniture range designed specifically for next-generation learning. The collection addresses the evolving needs of modern classrooms, where active and social learning takes precedence over traditional lecture-based setups. Here is a detailed report on FURNITURE DESIGN AND TECHNOLOGY (FDT).

Developed after a two-year research project, CoLab aims to adapt higher education spaces to changing teaching methods and new technologies. With the information age shifting the focus from knowledge retention to critical thinking and problem-solving, CoLab embraces the idea of engagement and collaboration.

The furniture range features hybrid objects that provide various seating and surface options, enabling users to sit, lean, perch or stand. For instance, casual leaning benches span between high tables, while upholstered seating incorporates surfaces for laptops, books or papers. The designs also integrate seats with standing desks, creating intimate spaces for discussions and presentations.

According to Pearson Lloyd co-founder Tom Lloyd, the concept of a cafe classroom emerged during the research, where the space serves as both a teaching environment and a co-working area for students. The flexibility of CoLab’s settings allows for agile group work, casual gatherings and social interactions. The collection includes power sockets integrated into each element to facilitate the use of laptops and smart devices. Horizontal aluminium beams provide functionality and cable management, while modular components ensure easy repair or replacement.

Durability was a key consideration in the design process, resulting in a combination of robust materials and a playful aesthetic. Pearson Lloyd drew inspiration from university campuses, and the research involved interviews with faculty members, university staff, estate managers and education-focused architects.

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