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Designer Introduces an App that Allows User to Create Furniture | Self

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American designer Marvell Lahens introduced an app during NYCxDesign that empowers individuals without professional training to design their own furniture and have it produced and delivered within three weeks. Named Self, this parametric design tool allows users to manipulate a 3D model, which is then digitally manufactured using a CNC mill. Know more about it on FURNITURE DESIGN AND TECHNOLOGY (FDT).

Currently in its beta version, the app is limited to creating steel or plywood side tables. Lahens envisions expanding the system to encompass a variety of furniture and homeware pieces made from different machinable sheet materials, aiming to democratize the design process. The app sets shape parameters using parametric algorithms, enabling users to customize the tabletop while adhering to specific constraints for dimensions, leg configurations and colour options.

The goal is to foster a sense of pride and ownership in one’s creations, countering the mass-produced and impersonal nature of many commercial products. The final designs can be manufactured in Lahens’ Chicago studio or potentially by local maker workshops across the US, with pricing adjusted based on size and material usage, ensuring transparency and accessibility.

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