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The Materia Capsule Collection is an Amalgamation of Mass, Volume and Materials

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The Materia Capsule Collection is an Amalgamation of Mass, Volume and Materials
Image credit: Covet House


Brand: Covet House

Collection: Materia Capsule Collection

Designed by: Masquespacio

Category: Furniture and lighting



  • The Materia (meaning matter) collection takes inspiration from physical science, where the collection is described as a substance that has mass and takes up space with its volume.
  • The collection comprises a series of furniture and lighting that are created out of forms that look a little bit surreal and outer space
  • The Wooden Ball Chair (round and straight) is an amalgamation of soft material (fabric) and a harder material (wood). The round form of the ball resonates with planet Earth while it breaks with a stone form made of fabric that reminds us of different objects flying around in space.
  • The unusual design of the Branch Lamp (hanging and wall) is a reference to the branch of a tree.
  • Made of different atomics hanging together without any sense, the Atomic Wood Stool showcases its unique form through its volume, shapes and material contrasts.
  • The Marble Table Lamp is an ode to one of the most beautiful materials on earth – marble.
  • The collection also comprises Body Chair that represents a person, Volume Chair, and organic and round Nature Chair.



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