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Is Urban India Ready for Outdoor Furniture?

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Is Urban India Ready for Outdoor Furniture?
Image credit: Dhvani Shah Design Studio  And Insitu Design Studio

Urban Indian homes are often small, and space constraint is always an issue in apartments with balconies. And with the expanding cities, it has become even more imperative to curate naturally open and relaxing spaces. Shah believes an outdoor area in any home, big or small, is more than just outdoor furniture. “The vibe of the space is defined by several influences. From the walls to the flooring, furniture and accents, you can create a destination vibe by integrating international designs and bringing your new favourite destination home. Urban India is competitive, ambitious, and yearns to travel and explore, and I believe that if given the choice, they would prefer to unwind in their own outdoors.”

"We have seen interesting forms being explored in outdoor furniture using parametric technology to create versatile formats of seating and other activities."

- Sahiba Madan, Founder and Principal, Architect, Insitu Design Studio (Mumbai)

There has been a recent shift in balconies, terraces, and lawns/gardens as they are being revamped to an entirely new level. For Sampige, “In the Indian context, outdoor spaces are even more important where understanding the requirements and decorating the place to its uniqueness is essential.” There is a growing aspiration to create a sophisticated and imaginative habitat regardless of budgetary constraints and location. It is the new generation of homeowners who are open to a way of life that balances comfort with everyday luxury. Sridhar strongly believes, “In urban areas, balconies are of bigger sizes now and for the homeowners, it’s an extension of their luxury space. This is the reason India has a scope of balcony and terrace garden designers now and people are willing to spend a good amount for their services.”

Image credit: Dhvani Shah Design Studio

Outdoor furniture has significantly increased over the last two years as the pandemic caused a renewed interest in refreshing our backyards, patios, balconies and lawns. “And the sincere interest doesn't show any signs of stopping. Outdoor furniture will become more sophisticated and refined as we continue to spend more time entertaining outdoors, and our patios and balconies will become authentic extensions of our interior décor,” confirms Basoya. Elaborating further, Ar Kumar says, “One important detail that the pandemic brought forth, was the need for break-out, green and outdoor spaces. Importance was also given to do these spaces so that it isn’t just another balcony, but an extension of their living space and a comfortable oasis. Keeping this in mind, the newer furniture designs which come in multiple varying sizes and are visually lighter and sleeker become a great addition to smaller balconies and the outdoor spaces in Indian homes.”

Image credit: Insitu Design Studio

With this in mind, Sawhney concludes on a positive note, “Understanding the outdoor furniture needs of apartment living in the urbanscape is the way forward to attract more business.” With best style interests at heart and content-specific designs, brands are now curating outdoor furniture centric to Indian sensibilities while maintaining world-class quality. “The vision — that outdoor living areas should be furnished with the same attention to detail and luxury of comfort as those inside the home — has changed the way we live outdoors, enabling people around the world to enjoy more of life’s precious moments together under the open skies.”



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