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A Unique Combination of Furniture and Hardware | PU-T-B Chair

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Seoul-based designer Woojin Park of 1/plinth Studio recently introduces the PU-T-B Chair. A modular piece of industrial-inspired furniture, the PU-T-B Chair is a part of his latest collection. The design studio's focus on infusing artistic value into industrial products to highlight their inherent beauty continues with this versatile chair, which features a frame made of thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU) and steel. Here is a detailed report on FURNITURE DESIGN AND TECHNOLOGY (FDT).

The PU-T-B chair's simplified construction allows for various configurations, making it suitable for use as furniture or hardware. The key feature of the design is a durable and tensile system created by the connection between TPU tubes and bolts.

As one-half of the design duo behind 1/plinth studio, industrial designer Woojin Park showcased the PU-T-B Chair as the flagship piece of the collection. The chair takes advantage of the unique properties of TPU, such as its high elasticity, flexibility, durability, and tensile strength.

The frame of the chair is securely held together by bolts that are fastened through the inner diameter of the TPU tubes, creating a system that conveys strength through lines and planes. The chair's flexibility and stability can be experienced in various ways, where one can fully feel the structure of PU-T-B Chair by sitting or leaning on it as a chair or lifting it up as a handle.

Image credit: 1/plinth studio




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