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Edge Band: A Growing Industry

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Edge Band: A Growing Industry
Image credit: Edge Co

There are nearly a hundred edge band manufacturers and importers in the country. The PVC edge band market is estimated to reach approximately Rs 2,000 crore by 2025. Increased construction activities and technological improvements are adding to the furniture industry’s rapid growth and providing several prospects for edge bands.

The rising demand for ready-made furniture has increased the demand for edge bands. Today, matching an edge band is no longer a barrier for furniture manufacturers, courtesy of the innovation in surface solutions that has boosted the availability of various edge band colours.


Varieties and thicknesses

Image credit: E3 Panels

The Indian furniture market is dynamic with several surface options. Therefore, the availability of varied widths and thicknesses of edge bands is critical. The diverse thickness allows laminate manufacturers to explore various surface possibilities, thereby bringing new solutions to offer a variety of choices in the market.

The demand for each thickness that is available in the market – ranging from 0.45mm to 3mm of which 0.8mm is popular and common – is geographical in nature. Although there is no certain limit to the thicknesses available in the market, the thicknesses of edge bands vary from company to company as it majorly depends on the quality of the edge band produced. As per Ply Reporter’s previous analysis, 0.45mm is commonly used by carpenters and OEMs for a cheaper version, while 0.8mm and 1.3mm are used in kitchen applications. Office and home furniture mainly use 2mm edge bands.



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