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Demand for Ergonomic Furniture to Surge the Demand for Commercial Furniture

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Demand for Ergonomic Furniture to Surge the Demand for Commercial Furniture

The commercial furniture market in general is segmented in chairs, computer tables, desks, storage units, filing cabinets, lockers, conference tables, cafeteria chairs and tables and more. The market is witnessing a new surge in ergonomic furniture designs. The ergonomic chairs are expected to hold their dominance over commercial furniture on account of the increasing corporate space. These chairs provide not only comfort but also value-added features including an adjustable seat, armrest, lumbar support, revolving base, tilt-mechanism and more.

Accompanied by storage drawers and shelves, desks are available in various sizes and shapes. Today, desks are available with height adjustable features. The Pandemic has changed the way we look at workspaces, while the lockdown period meant work from home with home offices in great demand, which still continues to be; post lockdown world saw hybrid working models with remote as well as semi office visits, lots of co-working spaces and hence the demand for office spaces. Now, as people are returning to work, employers are much more sensitive to provide a condusive work environments that takes care of the health and over mental and physical wellbeing of the employee. From Gyms, Playrooms, Healthy Cuisines in cafeterias, break out areas, to now specialized quiet corners, meditation rooms and even nap rooms. All these definitely also boosts demand for specialized furniture for the spaces.

For example, companies such as Wakefit among others have started encouraging ‘quiet time’ for employees which means no-meeting days/hours and a nap room and breakout zones in the office. To safeguard employees’ mental wellbeing and help build a better work-life balance, the company rolled out the Right to Nap initiative under which every employee’s calendar is blocked from 2.00-2:30 pm every day. Such initiatives are soon to boost the demand for commercial furniture as a host of companies are incorporating the concept.

Modern commercial furniture is the trend post COVID-19. The demand for commercial furniture and product innovation go hand-in-hand. Upgradations in ergonomics to suit spaces and offer comfort, renovation and modification of spaces have boosted the growing demand for commercial furniture. FDT observes a staggering increase in demand that is surely in sight as the growth is mainly attributed to the increasing number of commercial spaces, IT parks catering to significant consumption of office furniture and the recent initiatives of providing comfortable working environments for employees.



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