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Use this recliner and feel like own Airbus Seats at Home

2020-04-11 | Furniture Design

Sky Art, Turkish based leading furniture manufacturing company, has produced a design of luxury chair or recliners based on aviation themed that can be easily used in homes too. The company has redesigned the recliners used in the Airbus A300 and A340 jets in such a way that people can feel like sitting in the Airbus even at home. It is specially designed for aviation enthusiasts including the people who like luxury furniture for relaxing more better way at their home. This recliner or chair is originally designed from the revamp old recliners used in the retired Airbus A300 and A340 jets.

The main feature of Sky Art’s new chair is that it comes in different upholstery options and available with the original Turkish Airlines in blue fabric. Chair has the same features used in some Skyline first class aircraft passenger seats have motorized controls that work just as they would on an aircraft. This is also very easy to use and get comfort and relax better way at home. 

According to a report of Simple flying, the new seats or chairs or recliners produced by Sky Art have a folding tray and a magazine pocket behind the backrests. The pneumatic recliner button that you know from air travel is still there and fully functional. The sound system cables are still intact and in working order. For those who are after “the whole experience”, seat belts and life jacket can be supplied at an additional cost.

Sky Art was founded in 2010 and since then, it has grown to become a global supplier of aviation themed designer furniture, airline cabin crew trainers (CST, CEET, Door Trainers) and aircraft mock-ups for movie production industry. Its expertise is known to create unusual aviation themed accessories and furniture for homes, offices, board rooms, bars and restaurants, movie production companies and such like, using genuine aircraft parts.


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