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Oldest Store ‘Atz Furniture’ to close its door after 98 years

2020-04-04 | News & Updates

Atz Furniture, one of Kendallville’s oldest retail establishments and furniture venture, North St, U.S., is going to close its doors for furniture buyers. Due to the breakdown of coronavirus, and the governor’s order, Atz Furniture announced to close its showroom spread over 15,000 square feet having wide range and selections of all kind of furniture.

According to media reports, Joe Atz, a third-generation owner of the Atz Furniture firm, has announced a going-out-of-business sale is underway. 
“The timeline, at this point, will be late spring for our final sale. The coronavirus, and the governor’s order to close, has set things back a bit”, Joe Atz said in media reports. 

The Atz Furniture building will be for lease/sale after the furniture sale is over, said in reports. The first store was established in Goshen in 1922. Atz Furniture opened in Kendallville in 1928 at the corner of Main and Mitchell streets, in the old Kelly Hotel building. The store later moved to the current U.S. 6 West location. One of the co-founders of Atz Furniture was Joe Atz’s grandfather, Julius. 



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