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Fabrento launched new range of rental furniture for living room

2020-03-03 | Furniture Design

Fabrento, an online furniture & interior products rental start-up, has launched its new range of living room furniture along with the study tables in new looks and design. This new range of Fabrento furniture included with Zane King Size Bed with Mattress and Side Table, Elano Green Leather Recliner, Alle and Avena Study Table and Elano Carved Sofa Set. 

Zane King Size bed with Mattress and Side Table is made with minimalistic design and intricate headboard/footboard shows a well executed concept can result in a timeless piece of furniture that can never go out of style.  

Elano Green Leather Recliner 3 Seater is a desirable recliner chair sofa. This three-seater is perfect for a small area to give a modern and comfortable sitting. Sit back, relax and unwind leather recliner sofa.

Elano Carved Sofa Set (3+3) brings elegance and sophistication to any living room with features such as engraving on all sides and upholstery which will seize everyone’s gaze. 

Alle Study Table: The playful design of this table is meant to give flexibility in a small space.

 Avena Study table is also a smart design that gives  plenty of space with its large tabletop, shelves and drawers. It will be the perfect addition to home office.  



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