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Half Moon Table with oak top attraction by Mark Kelley

2020-02-25 | Furniture Design

The practice of natural themed art and design is very old in the world. This inspirational fact also applies on designing of furniture and the demand for furniture with such special designing also remains high in everywhere. Following this, California based designer Mark Kelley has recently created a special table, which is based on the theme of the unfinished half moon, hence the name of this Table is ‘Half Moon Table’, which is as strong as it is attractive.

As per report of leibal website, Half Moon Table is a composed of a joined oak top meeting a weighted steel base. This table is made and assembled in Oakland, California based workshop. Half Moon table is set with a simple set screw; the top form is easily removable for transport to it any place easily. The steel base of table provides a slimmer footprint and weight needed to sustain the oak sections above. 


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