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Boca Do Lobo launches Versailles Armchair

2020-02-24 | Furniture Design

Boca Do Lobo's Armchair

Boca Do Lobo, a luxury furniture brand from Porto, Portugal, launches its Versailles Armchair. This luxury Armchair is made in a wood structure and panels in a manual sculpture, produced in resin and finished with restoration techniques similar to stone. The upholstery fabric is made up of velvety and removable pillows. The legs are produced in acrylic.

Photo: Boca do Lobo

Boca Do Lobo said in release, “wanting to express the absoluteness of craftsmanship and the passion to create art, Boca do Lobo envisaged a piece of furniture with powerful expression through traditional craftmanship. The Versailles Armchair proves that the outcome of an architectural and designing thinking can be impressive.

Photo: Boca do Lobo

Materials And Finishes: Resin/Fiber, velvet, Acrylic and Wood. Finished with restoration techniques similar to stone. Custom sizes and colors are available with an upcharge.
Dimensions: W 130 CM, D 100 CM, H 88 CM 
Seat Height 45 CM, Seat Depth 64 CM, Armrest Height 75 CM


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